Weather worry free. Radio Hotel Manhattan NY. Retractable Louvred Roof


Weather worry free. Radio Hotel Manhattan NY. Retractable Louvred Roof


Situated in the heart of Manhattan, Radio Hotel continues to offer an unforgettable experience to its guests. For those who want to be close to the city’s vibrancy and energy at all times, this hotel is the perfect choice, now allowing you to utilize outdoor spaces regardless of weather conditions. The driving force behind this incredible transformation is none other than!


Endless Blue Sky or Dining Under the Stars


Nestled among the stunning skyscrapers that encompass Manhattan’s surroundings, Radio Hotel offers year-round outdoor opportunities. At the core of these opportunities lies the expertise and movable retractable roofs of Guests can now dine, relax, and enjoy the breathtaking Manhattan skyline without being impacted by weather conditions. Whether it’s the boundless blue sky during the day or a romantic dinner under the stars at night, you can experience it all.


Retractable Louvred Roof Technology


The “Retractable Louvred Roof” technology offered by not only shields Radio Hotel’s outdoor spaces from various weather conditions but also provides a comfortable experience for guests. This system can be manually or automatically opened and closed, allowing you to savor the perfect atmosphere at any moment. Whether it’s a rainy day or a sunny summer afternoon, you can always capture the ideal environment.


Redefining the Restaurant Experience


Radio Hotel aspires to provide an unforgettable dining experience to its guests. In pursuit of this goal, the hotel’s restaurants have become more enticing and versatile thanks to’s roof systems. These year-round open areas allow you to relish delicious meals and beverages.


Innovation by is renowned for its expertise in transforming outdoor spaces. The Retractable Louvred Roof systems, a perfect blend of technology and design, offer an excellent solution for enhancing the value of outdoor areas for businesses. These systems not only protect against weather conditions but also help businesses increase their revenue. Customers prefer places like Radio Hotel when they want to enjoy open spaces. Therefore,’s movable retractable roofs make your business attractive and competitive year-round.


Exceptional Stay at Radio Hotel


Radio Hotel is known not only for its outdoor spaces but also for its elegant rooms, luxury service, and central location. The outdoor spaces created in collaboration with add comfort and exclusivity to your stay.




Radio Hotel Manhattan NY, in collaboration with, offers the opportunity to use outdoor spaces regardless of weather conditions. This allows guests to enjoy Manhattan’s charm in every season. Thanks to Retractable Louvred Roof technology, you can savor every moment. Book your stay now at Radio Hotel for a perfect accommodation and dining experience, and enjoy your vacation without worrying about the weather.