Cabo Cafe RVC NY: Year-Round Patio Pleasures Under Our Retractable Roof


“Cabo Cafe: All-Season Delights with Our Retractable Roof”

Cabo Cafe, Rockville Centre’s most unique and innovative establishments. Now, we’d like to introduce you to a distinctive feature that elevates the cafe experience and sets Cabo Cafe apart from the rest: our retractable roof!

Cabo Cafe Retractable Roof

Year-Round Enjoyment

At Cabo Cafe, you can now enjoy the ambiance all year round. Thanks to our retractable roof, regardless of the weather, you can savor the open-air dining experience at any time. This remarkable feature offers our patrons the opportunity to revel in the warmth of the sun during the summer or to meet under a romantic setting amidst the winter’s snow, free from the constraints of temperature and weather conditions.

Advantages and Gains

Cabo Cafe’s retractable roof offers an array of advantages and gains:

Resilience Against Seasonal Shifts: Cabo Cafe’s roof is designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. This allows us to keep our business open year-round, potentially increasing your revenue.

Increased Seating Capacity: Your customers might not always want to dine in the open air, but with the roof, you can add more tables and chairs, expanding your cafe’s capacity.

Customer Satisfaction: Your patrons will appreciate a comfortable experience in all weather conditions. This can boost customer loyalty and generate positive reviews.

Special Events: The retractable roof creates an ideal space for hosting special events and parties. It’s a perfect venue for celebrating your special occasions or organizing unique gatherings.

Cabo Cafe not only offers delicious food and refreshing beverages but also an unforgettable experience with its retractable roof, allowing you to enjoy the cafe year-round. Join us to savor every season!

Explore Cabo Cafe and make a reservation to experience an unforgettable cafe adventure. An extraordinary cafe experience awaits you!











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