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Serving New York & 49 States

We Are the Original Retractable Roof Company.

We have been designing, manufacturing, and building commercial and residential systems for over 15 years in seven countries. You’ll be able to maximize your outdoor space and hold events all year long, regardless of rain, wind, snow, or harsh weather. All of our products come with a lifetime warranty.

Our History and Experience

HS Group was founded in 2004 to design and manufacture awning systems. 2008 was the year the company chose a corporate identity by adopting automation and a system-based attitude in both administrative and manufacturing processes. Equipped with 15-year expertise, HS Group adopts top-of-the-range quality standards as an indispensable company principle to provide clientele with useful products made out of high-end technology, long-lasting material, and elegant designs.

HS Group runs with the notion of a big family operating under the principles of top-notch material and workmanship to provide 100% customer satisfaction as the prerequisites of the total quality concept. HS Group family is committed to obtaining the highest customer satisfaction possible with its professional management team, experienced marketing department as well as efficient customer relations, which, thanks to all that, help the perpetual expansion of its commercial portfolio.

Serving its clients through a self-sufficient manufacture-assembly line and fast and experienced sales channels, it makes your dream designs come alive with its expert manufacturing and installation teams. Today, it’s a company exporting to 20 countries and operating in close contact and collaboration with nationwide corporations.

How Our Systems Work

Retractable Roof & Glass Wall Systems

Our systems are specifically designed to make the most efficient use of any outdoor residential or commercial space. The finished product is an elegant design with 100% protection against natural elements like fierce mid-day sun and rain.

It is the ultimate shading system when it comes to your desired outdoor location, giving you maximum efficiency, complete mobility and protection, and accessibility. Our highly skilled team will help you select the right solution for your needs and will install your installation to your exact specifications.

We Can Provide All Architectural and Design Renderings for Visuals

We ensure the quality, strength, durability, and safety of all our systems. They are designed with an easy-flow integrated gutter system (wide depths for larger projects).

We meet the following minimum specifications:

  • Wind Load Resistance: 110 MPH (55 meters per second)
  • Snow Load: Up to 1 LB. Per Square Foot
  • Frame & System with Galvanized Steel & Aluminum
  • Available with Elegant Styles and Color Finishes
  • High-End Commercial and Residential Structures with Sleek Polishes Exterior
  • All of Our Retractable Systems Operate with ‘Somfy Motors
  • Includes Built-in Led Lights Operated with a Sleek Remote Control with up to 5 Section Controls
  • Enclosing with Retractable Balcony Systems with a Panoramic Material Option
  • Tempered Glass, Plexiglasses, or Mica-Vinyl
  • Fabric 100% UV-Proof, Water-Resistant Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Grade Class 2 Fire Retardant
  • Mildew and Mold Proof

Ask about Customized to Withstand Greater Wind Speeds and Snow Loads.

Our Highly Skilled Team Will Help You Select the Most Optimal and Economical Retractable Roof & Wall System for Your Home or Business.

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