Elevating Outdoor Spaces with Innovative Retractable Roof Systems

In the realm of architectural ingenuity, few innovations have reshaped the dynamics of outdoor spaces as remarkably as retractable roof systems. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Structures Retractable Roof & Glass Wall Systems have emerged as pioneers in seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic appeal in both residential and commercial environments.

Designed with a focus on optimizing outdoor spaces, the Retractable Roof System is a testament to elegant engineering that stands resolute against the unpredictable forces of nature. From the blistering intensity of the mid-day sun to the capricious dance of raindrops, this system envelops your space in a protective embrace, offering a harmonious sanctuary regardless of the elements.

Unveiling a new paradigm of versatility, the Retractable Roof Systems by Structures enable you to reimagine the potential of your outdoor oasis. It transcends the traditional notions of shading solutions, evolving into an architectural marvel that effortlessly transforms your desired location. With a design philosophy that seamlessly integrates form and function, these systems redefine how you interact with your surroundings.

Imagine lounging beneath the expanse of a retractable roof, a dappled sunlight filtering through, creating a tranquil ambience that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. Envision hosting an al fresco dining experience that is not dictated by weather forecasts, where the retractable roof becomes your impromptu canopy against unexpected showers.

The true essence of the Retractable Roof System lies in its ability to provide complete mobility. Transition from an enclosed haven to an open-air sanctuary with the gentle glide of a mechanism, inviting the outdoors in at your command. This newfound accessibility not only enhances your lifestyle but also extends the boundaries of your living or commercial space, creating a fluid connection that adapts to your desires.

Beyond its practical advantages, the Structures Retractable Roof & Glass Wall Systems redefine aesthetics. These systems don’t merely provide shelter; they elevate the visual appeal of your space, enhancing its architectural grandeur. The interplay of light and shadow, the fusion of sleek lines and functional excellence – all contribute to a design statement that speaks volumes about your commitment to innovation and refined living.

Crafted to blend seamlessly with diverse architectural styles, the Retractable Roof Systems by Structures are not just installations; they are an embodiment of architectural artistry. With each installation, a narrative unfolds – a story of pushing boundaries, of challenging the ordinary, and of creating spaces that resonate with both human aspirations and the beauty of the natural world.

In a world where outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly cherished, Structures Retractable Roof & Glass Wall Systems stand as beacons of transformation. They epitomize the fusion of technology and elegance, of protection and accessibility, weaving a tale of architectural sophistication that embraces the ever-changing rhythm of life itself. Experience the evolution, and step into a realm where the elements become your companions and your space is a canvas for innovation.


Our Systems

  • Retractable roof and retractable balcony systems is the #1 Solution to any and all outdoor seating space! All premium quality temporary and retractable roof and retractable balcony systems. It is obvious that if you are renting your restaurant, you are probably paying top dollar for rent your beautiful location, because you are in the best state in the world, New York. So why not protect and use your Back yard, Roof top, side walk column, outdoor patio, or outdoor deck? How about a table, couple chairs, now you’re feeding more hungry customers, under Beautiful built in lights of Retractable roof systems. You already have a garden, well let us help protect all your guests and event from all outdoor elements with Retractable roof and retractable balcony systems.
  • So now your probably saying to yourself, I don’t have a rooftop? We can build that too, you are already a business, the trick is to use all of your space within your business. Trust us with your new upgrade to your Outdoor restaurant with Retractable roof and retractable balcony systems. Visit our website, give us a chance to inspire your Restaurant with our premium quality Retractable roof and retractable balcony systems.
  • We would love to give your outdoor restaurant space a free estimate and prepare a rendering to show you how much you will benefit from Retractable roof and retractable balcony systems. Get the maximum profit from all of your business and let us increase your Seating with. With our premium quality and service in New York, we are approved for permits with down Time less than 2- weeks. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Retractable roof and retractable balcony systems.


Retractable Roof & Balcony Systems — How Are Systems Work
Structures Retractable Roof & Balcony Systems are specifically designed to make the most efficient use of any outdoor Residential or Commercial Space. The Retractable Roof System is an Elegant design with 100% Protection against Natures Elements like Fierce Mid-day Sun, Rain. Retractable Roof Systems is the ultimate Shading system when it comes to Your desired outdoor location giving you Maximum efficiency, Complete Mobility, and Protection & Accessibility.

Retractable Roof Systems & Retractable Balcony Systems Have several unique features that give them a distinct edge over traditional patio or deck awnings and zip covers. Our systems are Custom designed to make sure our clients get the most out of their outdoor living space.
High degree of Retract ability Roof & Retract ability Balcony 100 % non-obstructive panoramic views is all you get with Retractable Roof and Balcony Structures. Let there né more Air than oxygen inside your room.
Customized to any size Retractable roof & Balcony Systems are Modular & customized to meet any size requirements
Strength, Durability & Safety All of our systems are Designed with an Easy-Flow Integrated Gutter system (Wide Depths for Larger Projects) *
Retractable Roof & Balcony Systems meet the fallowing minimum specifications:
Wind Load Resistance : 110 MPH (55 meters per second)
Snow load: up-to 1 lbs. per Square foot*
Frame & System Operation Galvanized Steal & Aluminum. Available With elegant styles and color finishes, High End Commercial and Residential structures with a sleek polishes exterior.
All of our Retractable Systems Operate with “ Somfy Motors”. Includes Built in LED Lights operated with a sleek Remote Control with up to 5 section controls.

Enclosing with Retractable Balcony systems with a panoramic Material Option

Tempered glass, Plexiglases, or Mica-Vinyl
Fabric 100% UV- proof, Water resistant polyvinyl chloride
Grade Class 2 Fire Retardant
Mildew and Mold Proof
Resistant to 150,000 Folds
* Ask About Customized to withstand Greater Wind Speeds and Snow Loads.

The season to protect all outdoor patio, decks, residential homes or commercial business with retractable roof and retractable balcony systems.

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