Winter Screened

Winter Screened

High Degree of Retractability Roof & Retractability Balcony

100 % non-obstructive panoramic views is all you get with Retractable Roof and Balcony Structures. Let there ne more Air than oxygen inside your room.

Customized to any size

Retractable roof & Balcony Systems are Modular & customized to meet Any size requirements


Strenght, Durability & Safety

All of our systems are Designed with a Easy-Flow Integrated Gutter system ( Wide Depths for Larger Projects)*

HS Custom Designs Retractable Roof & Balcony Systems meet the fallowing minimum specifications:

Wind Load Resistance :

110 MPH ( 55 meters per second)

Snow load:

up-to 1 lbs. per Square foot*

Frame & System Operation

Galvanized Steal & Aluminum. Available With elegant styles and color finishes, High End Commercial and Residential structures with a sleek polishes exterior.

All of our Retractable Systems Operate with Somfy Motors. Includes Built in LED Lights operated with a sleek Remote Control with up to 5 section controls.

Enclosing with Retractable Balcony systems with a panoramic Material Option

Tempered glass, Plexi-glass, or Mica-Vinyl


100% Uv- proof, Water resistant polyvinyl chloride

Grade Class 2 Fire Retardant

Mildew and Mold Proof

Resistant to 150,000 Folds

* Ask About Customized to withstand Greater Wind Speeds and Snow Loads.

The season to protect all outdoor patio, decks, residential homes or commercial business with retractable roof and retractable balcony systems.

To Set up a free estimate with Retractable Roof Systems or Retractable Balcony Systems Please Call today

1 347 659 2424 and one of Our team members would be Happy To Serve You.


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